Smart Buddy (5th Gen) Watch

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Find out more about the POSB Smart Buddy programme here.

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POSB Smart Buddy is the official partner with Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE) to provide e-payments across all MOE schools in Singapore and is an award-winning world's first in-school wearable tech, savings & payment program. The Smart Buddy payment capabilities leverage the Smart Buddy (5th Gen) watch and a Smart Buddy payment chip, paired with the Smart Buddy mobile application.

The Smart Buddy (5th Gen) watch is primarily designed for everyday use for children and it comes with a range of features aimed to encourage healthy living and smart money habits. Here are some of its key features:

Tap to Pay

By inserting the Smart Buddy payment chip* into the watch, the watch is now enabled for easy “tap-to-pay” where children can make e-payments in school (provided it is a Smart Buddy-enabled school) or out-of-school at all NETS contactless retailers island-wide.

*Note: The Smart Buddy payment chip does not come together with the watch. To apply for the Smart Buddy payment chip, please refer to the instructions below.

Fitness Tracker The watch can track your child's daily physical activity, including the number of steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned. This tracking feature encourages children to stay active and healthy in a more engaging and interactive way.
Heart Rate Tracker The watch has a heart rate monitor capability that can track your child's heart rate during any physical activity. This can help children better understand their heart health and encourage them to engage in activities that strengthen their cardiovascular fitness.
Stopwatch The stopwatch feature allows children to time themselves during physical activities, competitions, games, or other timed goals and challenges.
Reminders/Nudges Through the Smart Buddy app, parents can set real-time reminders or nudges on their child’s Smart Buddy Watch to encourage healthy living habits such as alerts to remind children to have their meals on time, stay hydrated daily, take breaks from screen time or to even stick to their designated bedtime.
Digital/Analog Clock The Smart Buddy (5th Gen) watch can toggle between the digital or analog clock format, making it easy for children to tell time while giving them a choice to decide which format suits them best.
Enhanced Water Resistance

The Smart Buddy (5th Gen) watch is IP67 rated and is water resistant (not waterproof). As such, there will not be damage arising from accidental water exposure such as light rain. But swimming or keeping the watch submerged underwater is not recommended.

Improved Battery Life Under normal use or activity, the watch can last up to 14 days without any charge. If left idle, it can last even longer up to 3 weeks or more. With a longer battery life (as compared to its predecessor), there will be less frequent charging and more time for children to use and enjoy the watch.

Overall, the Smart Buddy (5th Gen) watch is a great wearable product for parents who want to encourage their children to live a healthier and more active lifestyle while also teaching them valuable life skills like good time management and basic financial responsibility.

*Note: If you do not have a Smart Buddy payment chip, apply now for free at the POSB Smart Buddy website! If you require a replacement for the Smart Buddy payment chip, please contact POSB Hotline. A new Smart Buddy card/ payment chip will be mailed to your bank-registered mailing address within 7 working days upon successful receipt of the replacement request.

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Very nice!
Much improved visibility and functions compared to the last generation! The kid is loving it.
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Thank you for you kind review! We hope that your child will have nice experiences with the new design!
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