POSB Smart Buddy Tag for myFirst Fone

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POSB Smart Buddy Tag for myFirst Fone

We have partnered with POSB and designed a protective tag specifically for the Smart Buddy Payment Card. This makes it easy to attach the Smart Buddy to the myFirst Fone S2/R1/R1s strap.

The Smart Buddy Card is protected by a lightweight plastic case with a soft silicone cover. The device can be worn without pinching your hand.

The buddy tag has a built-in sensitive antenna that allows the hand-wearing the Smart Buddy to pay without touching the payment device.

* Only applicable to Singapore users\

How It Works

Install POSB Smart Buddy Card into the tag. You can tapping-and-paying with Smart Buddy Tag with myFirst Fone in POSB Smart Buddy-enabled schools (including selected school canteens, bookshops, and general offices), and at any NETS retailers out-of-school.

Don’t have a POSB Smart Buddy card yet? Get yours now by clicking here.


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